How To Order From Promo Store?

1. select the promotion package you want.

2. after you select the package you want and write all the info, put your link via the “link” place in the info page and go to the  pay process.

3. make a payment to them via paypal. if you don’t have paypal account, you can pay with a credit card through paypal without singing up for and account. after you done the payment you will receive email from paypal about the payment with all the order info.

How Do Your Social Media Marketing Services Work?

Social Media Marketing is our main specialization. We’ve developed an extensive a service  for creating highly effective Facebook,Youtube, instegram, and every other  soical media advertising campaigns that get you targeted Likes, views, followers etc,  fast, and in cheap price. We work with everyone from the biggest brands and performers in the world to SMBs and up and coming talent of all kinds.

We are happy about providing growth at the push of a button and helping people achieve their social audience goals.

Which Package Is Right For Me?
We have assigned a dedicated team of experts to constantly analyze any social media for give to the client the best option to choose the best package for himself to get the best result. This makes it possible for us to always provide the Best Value option for the most unbeatable price on the Internet. If you are unsure about which package will suit you the most – please check the pricing table above.for any question you welcome to send us email and we will give you all the info you need for get the right choose.
What are the real benefits after order marketing package in promo store?

if for example you have only 500 views on your youtube video, you will not seem very popular on Google search, youtube search, facebook search etc. the next person that lands your video or your page will understand its seem your brand are not so popular and because that he can move to the next page and you lose a client or listener.

if you have a few views, likes, followers etc that’s can make the main problem and why? because every search engines such as Google, bing, yahoo, facebook, YouTube twitter, and so on works on this way if you popular easy to find you and if not you are somewhere but not in the top.

this goes for all social media marketing services, when someone want to make a deal he wants to feel safe when a client see your page or video not so popular its down the stats to close a deal. for example if you have 50 likes on facebook  and your colleague have 10,000 likes it will be easy to choose to close the deal with your colleague.


Can You Provide Country Targeted Promotion?

YES. We run targeted campaigns most of the time. Our typical campaign is targeted for either Worldwide or per country (check our packges), but we can custom design a campaign to target fan growth in literally whatever country you want.

Can I Place a Custom Order?
Yes, we do accept custom orders for special targeting or volumes of promotion of any kind. Please contact us and we will try to do our best for your needs.
Is There Any Way That my profile can be Closed/Suspended/Banned by Using This Service?

NO! Our social media marketing solutions are 100% compliant. We are not using “bot” traffic. We run an campaigns from many sites we have for give the clinet the best result for is needs. It’s simple and safe!

Does anyone need access to my social media account?

never but never give anyone the access to your account or login info, if someone tell you he must it for the done the job It could easily be a scam.

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